FUJIFILM’s Life Sciences Strategic Investment Fund Accelerates Cutting-edge Biotech Research

Advances in life science research can lead to the development of novel technologies, which, in turn, have the potential to address unmet medical needs and to transform patient care. Early-stage biotechnological companies play a pivotal role in the introduction of innovative technologies and business models that can facilitate the generation of transformative products, delivering high value to society. However, securing funding for innovative research projects is often challenging.

FUJIFILM’s Life Sciences Strategic Investment Fund can help accelerate biotechnological research

FUJIFILM is fully aware of the significance of innovative biotechnological research to advance healthcare. This is why, in 2022, FUJIFILM’s President, Representative Director, and CEO Teiichi Goto announced the launch of a Life Sciences Strategic Investment Fund focused on innovative emerging biotechnological companies. The fund was created to invest in cutting-edge life science research, primarily via partnering with global early-stage companies, with an initial investment of approximately 7B¥ (around US$60 million). 

How FUJIFILM manages its Life Sciences Strategic Investment Fund 

To efficiently govern its recently created fund, FUJIFILM has established a new entity at its Life Sciences Strategy Headquarters in Tokyo, namedLife Sciences Corporate Venture Capital (LS-CVC). LS-CVC manages not only the Life Sciences Strategic Investment Fund but also the company’s established life science investment portfolio. One of LS-CVC priorities is the establishment and cultivation of relationships with emerging biotechnological companies using both innovative and established business constructs.

With regards to FUJIFILM’s Life Sciences Strategic Investment Fund, the Life Sciences Strategy Headquarters navigates its placement with the active participation of FUJIFILM’s Life Science Strategic Business Offices in the United States (Cambridge) and in Europe (Dusseldorf). During this process, early-stage biotech companies that have developed cutting-edge biotechnologies and know-how are being approached by FUJIFILM for the formation of productive and mutually beneficial partnerships.

How the Life Sciences Strategic Investment Fund fits in FUJIFILM’s broader life science strategy

FUJIFILM has developed a comprehensive life science strategy that aims to accelerate business growth in the field of life sciences. To successfully implement this strategy, FUJIFILM’s Life Sciences Strategy Headquarters have established business divisions engaged in research with high impact on life science acceleration.

Key research areas supported by FUJIFILM’s Life Sciences Strategic Investment Fund

Key scientific areas supported by FUJIFILM’s new strategic fund include drug discovery, cell therapy, and regenerative medicine. FUJIFILM has already actively invested in these areas, and the investment fund further strengthens its involvement in them. 

How the Life Sciences Strategic Investment Fund fits in FUJIFILM's long-term vision of corporate social responsibility

FUJIFILM Group strives to contribute to the sustainable development of society by implementing our corporate philosophy using sincere and fair business activities. FUJIFILM’s Life Sciences Strategic Investment Fund is a key vehicle to contribute to the acceleration of biotech research.